Aria Network

Metronome XMPP Server documentation

XMPP instant messaging and services via LW.Org

Matrix services and bridging to other networks via Aria Network

Aria is a network of sites and services specialised in real time communication, VoIP, instant messaging and decentralized and federated protocols and infrastructures.

Our main development project is Metronome, a lightweight instant messaging server using XMPP as protocol which was started back in 2011 forking what would be Prosody 0.9 and becoming its own thing from then.

Metronome has been the backend for projects adopting microblogging implementations for XMPP like Jappix (abandoned), Movim, etc.

Lately we’re expanding our expertise into Matrix, which while generally having a heavier ecosystem than XMPP, offers more consolidated rich media features and appealing clients.

We have both a Matrix and XMPP public service (LW.Org).