Aria Network


Changelog for the 3.12.x release builds.
This version mainly focuses on improving memory usage, code, security, bug fixes and introduces a few new features like: external HTTP upload (module based on the one from Prosody modules), protect SPIM blocking forms with reCAPTCHA challenges, persistence of (remote) MUC occupants across a server restart.

Other notable changes or fixes:

  • Improve usermanager’s API to allow specifying an exportable reason for account deletion
  • Correct session leak in mod_websockets
  • Improve IQ eventing API for result stanzas hooking
  • Fix possible IQ processing spoofing, for not properly checking ids in several modules
  • Correct possible PEP notification leak during the user service bootstrap, if the service activation is invoked by a remote entity
  • Add fallback mechanism for clients not properly supporting extended IBR fields, for e-mail verification in the registration API
  • Improve initialization of MAM stores, handling of offline stores and add an event to allow fetching of a user session store by other modules
  • Other various performance tunes and bug fixes

Changes, improvements

  1. Fix MAM Browser logout process in Chrome.
  2. Rework grouping in the MAM Browser UI, also fix incremental count.