Aria Network


This is the changelog of the minor version 3.10, this version mainly focused on improving code and introduced a few backward compatible APIs and also an external authentication backend module. Some of the improvements/fixes include:

  • Another passage at Lua5.2 support
  • General protocol improvements and fixes
  • Better handling of authentication logics, SASL, Dialback and certificate verification
  • Added a stronger challenge to SPIM blocking
  • General Adhoc Commands improvements
  • Add preferred language support to streams
  • Presence Deduplication in CSI
  • Complete s2s support in SM
  • Major improvement to util.timer

Changes, improvements

  1. Fix broken certificate check in mod_admin_web for outgoing streams.
  2. Make sure we always count the right stanza payloads in SM.
  3. Rework MUC occupant removal from service due to an error.
  4. Avatar conversion must be reported on the user account’s disco#info.
  5. Add host parameter to util.timer’s add_task.
  6. Fix deduplication indexing in CSI.
  7. Prevent clients from setting vCards with multiple photo elements.
  8. MUC Superusers should be able to list hidden rooms via disco#items.
  9. Add temporary redirections for destroyed rooms if the new jid was provided.
  10. Run prepping on the alternative room JID provided during room disruption.
  11. Lowercase mail addresses supplied during password reset requests.
  12. Add some in-house keeping to mod_muc.
  13. Make RSM specification in MAM fully compliant.
  14. Try to not break in order processing of stanzas more than necessary in CSI.
  15. Filter all messages without a body when client state is inactive.
  16. Don’t disclose blocked state to remote entity.
  17. Prevent carbon copying chat states to resources in inactive state.
  18. Preserve markers in CSI/Carbons filters.
  19. Reset all MUC configuration back to what it was if a custom field fails to process.
  20. Always check supplied passwords conform to SASLprep profile.
  21. Load MAM caches on demand.
  22. Have all modules call timers through Module API functions.
  23. Don’t bounce stanzas without a to attribute.
  24. Enhance customization of CSI filtering and make it configurable via Adhoc commands.
  25. Flush client state queue if SM is enabled on disconnect.
  26. Prevent stream in order processing violation because of route shortcircuits in CSI.
  27. Introduce SCRAM channel bindings support (SCRAM-SHA1-PLUS).
  28. Implement last missing SHA algorithm mechanisms (384 and 512).
  29. Prevent anyone but owner to receive PEP notification from nodes with whitelist access model.
  30. Implement mod_bookmarks for XEP-0048 two-way synchronization between private storage and PEP.
  31. Add admin adhoc command to change associated account mail address.
  32. Don’t skip checking for forbidden usernames during IBR in the Register API.
  33. Don’t use a random item id when converting bookmarks from Private to PEP Storage.
  34. Implement support for Security Labels in XMPP (XEP-0258).
  35. Save Security Labels in MAM.