Aria Network

Storage Plugins

Metronome has an API to build custom storage plugin backends, this page won’t detail out the API itself but how to correctly configure the the backend since I seem to get a lot of questions about it.

All configuration directives are per-host, and will perhaps require to be placed into the VirtualHost section and not the Global one, this is a list provided with examples:

  • default_storage: this option takes a string as argument and will allow to specify the default fallback storage in case per-plugin storage backends are specified. Example: default_storage = “internal”
  • storage: this option takes either a string or table as argument, if a string this will work like the above, if a table in tandem with default_storage it allows specifying multiple backends per plugin. Example: storage = { mam = “sql”, pep = “sql” } (this sets SQL as storage for both the PEP and Message Archive Management modules, while rest shall fallback on internal, if default_storage = “internal” is set)