Aria Network

Download the latest Pidgin release from their site, and install it remembering to add support for the XMPP protocol (should be enabled by default).

If it’s the first time you start the application Pidgin will greet you with a welcome screen where it’ll ask you to enter the login credentials for your first account. If it’s not, go to the Accounts and select “Manage accounts” or press Ctrl+A.

  1. Register an account at the registration page here
  2. If you’re on the welcome screen click on “Add account”, else click “Add”
  3. Select XMPP as Protocol
  4. As “User name” enter the one you specified during web registration in
  5. As “Domain” specify
  6. As “Resource” an unique identification for the client like: Home, Laptop, Office etc. It hasn’t to be anything specific
  7. As “Password” enter the password you specified during web registration in
  8. Click “Add” to complete the process and connect.


After completing click on the Tools menu and choose Plugins (or press Ctrl+U) and enable “XMPP Service Discovery“.

Some more useful references:

Joining a Multi-User Chat with Pidgin: Open the Buddies menu and select “Add chat”

  1. Select your XMPP account as “Account
  2. Enter the Room Name (“Jabber ID” the address for chats is usually in this format
  3. Enter the Server Name (“Jabber ID” the address for chats is usually in this format
  4. If the room is password-protected enter the required password into the appropriate field.
  5. Insert a Readable Alias as Pidgin will record the MUC into your contact list
  6. Specify a Group if you like.
  7. Press “Add” to conclude the procedure

You will be able to enter the chat you just added by double clicking on it in your contact list.