Aria Network


Changelog for the 3.13.x release builds.
This version sports a few changes to the Module API and focuses on optimizing memory usage by reducing string interning, it also majorily improves handling of encrypted messages or message which contain special payloads into archives and logs. It also introduces support to Lua version 5.2.

Other notable changes or fixes:

  • Fix mail address validation in Registration API, and add an option to allow restricting certain characters into usernames, to prevent integration clashes with other account systems
  • Add adhoc command to allow users changing and/or associating a new mail address to an account by their selves.
  • Remove verbose failed deletion warns sent with messages in mod_http_upload_external
  • Rework how routing to bare jids for certain IQ payloads in MUC works, and allows to eventually specify which payloads should be routed via configuration, by default now Metronome will route to the bare jid all vCard and Pubsub (PEP) requests
  • Simplify and declunky MAM library and muc logs code for what regards traversal of the logged message stanzas to obtain and eventually filter their inner elements and payloads
  • Introduce seamless merging and unmerging for multisession nicknames in Multi User Chats
  • Introduce experimental support for Bind 2.0

Changes, improvements

  1. Allow to store markers also in MUC logs and advertise support in room disco.
  2. Requalify message namespace to “jabber:client” in forwarded stanzas since Dino (and only Dino) will trample when attempting to traverse the stanza given it, wrongly, strictly follows namespace inheritance for the forwarded message paylods if they don’t have an explicit xmlns attribute.
  3. Fixed several global accesses in utilities and modules.
  4. Corrected URL pathing generation in the HTTP API.
  5. Rectified blocksize for SCRAM-SHA-384 and SCRAM-SHA-512 authentication mechanisms.
  6. Corrected regression in SCRAM code when handling unexistent accounts, which was returning a wrong error condition.
  7. Fixed FORM_TYPE in IBR form.
  8. vCard elements name tags weren’t camel cased if a vCard needed to be generated after a User Avatar conversion.