Aria Network

Configuration Examples

Here I will detail more some configuration examples, showing the required host sections, e.g. how to set a muc component comprehensive of muc logs and pastebin, and flood protection and which restricts room creation to local users:

Component “muc.mydomain.tld”
   modules_enabled = { “pastebin”, “muc_limits”, “muc_log”, “muc_log_http” }
   muc_log_http_config = { url_base = “logs” }
   muc_event_rate = 0.7
   muc_burst_factor = 13

   restrict_room_creation = “local”
   admins = { “admin@mydomain.tld” }

The next example instead is an anonymous host, which allows multi-resourcing:

VirtualHost “anon.mydomain.tld”
    authentication = “anonymous”
    allow_anonymous_multiresourcing = true
    anonymous_jid_gentoken = “A string to generate sha-1 hashes”
    modules_disabled = { “offline” }
    admins = { “admin@mydomain.tld” }

The last one is about an user directory which synchronizes to the main host vcards:

Component “users.mydomain.tld” “vjud”
   ud_disco_name = “A Name for my User Directory”
   synchronize_to_host_vcards = “mydomain.tld”