Aria Network


Changelog for the 3.14.x release builds.
This version introduces finalized Lua 5.2 support, Bits of Binary caching in MUCs, full External Disco and Jingle Relay Nodes support, rework most behaviours in case of anonymous authentication, improvements and fixes to storage API and introduction of RAM cache storage backend, various security improvements and bug fixes.

Other notable changes or fixes:

  • Upgrade jQuery in webmin to 3.5.0, this fixes a recent GitHub advisory on jQuery
  • Add optional password authentication to the Administration Telnet Console by using one of the admin users’ (configurable)
  • Correct bug on SRV records resolution
  • Improve the libevent server backend
  • Add a few options in mod_muc to make it more compatible with YunoHost’s Jitsi Meet app
  • Fix bare messages forking, for better compatibility of Jingle Session Initiation

Changes, improvements

  1. Fix LuaSec imports in certmanager for newer LuaSec versions
  2. Fix util.signal to avoid malloc() crashes
  3. Allow to specify full default configuration for the room instead of just a few options
  4. Add missing configurable TLS usage option for mail
  5. Correct issue with named FROM and Microsoft Exchange in util.mail
  6. Rework MIME types inclusion in mod_http_upload and make it easily expandable
  7. Improve mod_spim_block memory usage and also drop unsollicited groupchat messages
  8. Fix mod_push and add missing dataform enclosure
  9. Don’t allow management of users on anonymous hosts in metronomectl
  10. General code fixes in mod_pastebin, and make sure MIME type of output is text/plain
  11. Correct traceback in the Incidents Handling module
  12. Fix lingering socket in s2s to linger and kill the server loop when streamid is missing in the response
  13. Add support for direct TLS to component connections