Aria Network

We host a public [matrix] HomeServer instance, where you can register freely and use as landing point to access the federated network.

And after a few months, we consolidated enough our service by testing and gathering numbers about Synapse to be able to offer you a stable and performant platform without the usual latency of Matrix deployments.

A few info about our Matrix Public HomeServer

  • We do provide a main hub server where users can register
  • And an additional instance where services and bridges resides
  • We have our own integration manager deployed
  • We host several services and bridges

How to register

To register an account on this server just download and install a Matrix client and select as server. You can aternatively register an account using our Element instance, it’s also the better choice as our server has presences disabled and that honors such settings, you can also install the web app using a Chromium based browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.