Aria Network

Our public Bifrost instance is accessible at from any HomeServer or XMPP service, below you can find the related syntax.

The address syntax to access XMPP from Matrix:

  • Private chats:
  • MUCs:

The address syntax to access Matrix from XMPP:

  • Direct chats:
  • Public chats:

It also supports plumbing of existent Matrix rooms to XMPP rooms, room administrators can perform plumbing by doing the following:

  • Invite into the room
  • type !bifrost bridge xmpp-js component.domain.tld roomname where the MUC on XMPP would be called roomname@component.domain.tld
  • To eventually remove the plumbing you can just type !bifrost leave

We also host bridges from which you can access social networks of the “walled-garden” type, those bridges require you to use an Aria Network matrix account.

To interact with the Facebook bridge bot, DM:
To interact with the Instagram bridge bot, DM:
To interact with the WhatsApp bridge bot, DM:
you can type help to receive help from those bots

And provide a stickermanager to add and manage your own sticker packs

You can add a custom stickerpack by DM’ing
For instructions then type: !stickers help