Aria Network


Changelog for the 4.0.x release builds.
This version introduces Lua 5.3 support, a revamped shared API for group chats stanza archiving, MIX Core/PAM experimental support, Message Moderation support and support for containerization

Other notable changes or fixes:

  • Add Direct TLS support for component connections.
  • Move auxiliary libraries to their own tree.
  • Add mod_turnadmin for management of external coturn database

Changes, improvements

  1. mod_muc: allow specifying full default room config.
  2. mod_register_api: make TLS usage in mails configurable.
  3. util.mail: correct issue with named from and Microsoft Exchange.
  4. mod_http_upload: allow to expand or reduce the default provided MIME list without replacing it completely, Fixes #523.
  5. mod_muc_bob: make sure we have a tag.
  6. mod_push: check we have a form element.
  7. mod_push: add missing dataform enclosure for notifications, Fixes #525.
  8. util.metronomectl: fixes #528, don’t allow management of users on an anonymous host and throw an error instead of tracing.
  9. mod_pastebin: fix response handler… The static default header in the module is being overwritten by the http server callbacks, also the correct Content-Type is never reported altering handling of UTF-8.
  10. mod_pastebin: add preview to body text as well.
  11. metronome: increase default GC step multiplier to 500. It fixes an issue with memory usage increasing excessively in Lua5.2. Thanks MattJ.
  12. mod_s2s: fixes #531, safe out stream parsing in error callbacks.
  13. Makefile: use SHA-256 when generating default certs keys. Fixes #535, thanks tbart.
  14. {…}: add missing multi-items feature to PubSub.
  15. util.stanza: all iq, message and presence payloads shall have an id.
  16. muc.lib: generate id for filtered presences which don’t have one.
  17. s2sout.lib: fix #537.
  18. mod_stream_management: fix #538.
  19. mod_admin_telnet: fix TB if compiled without mallinfo().
  20. mod_server_status: use collectgarbage() if pposix misses meminfo().
  21. mod_register_api: replace NameAPI with API…